Since it’s the giving season i’d love to give back to every single person who supports CBNL so we’re coming at you with another 12 Days of Christmas and as usual this is only around for a very limited time.

Every single break now until the end of December will be a 12 Days of Christmas break 🎅🎁🎄.

We decorated and hung a Christmas Countdown Calendar in the background of our break videos.

At the end of every break this month we will randomize a winner that gets to choose a number on the Countdown Calendar from 1 to 25.

There’s 12 big prizes available and there’s 12 better luck next time spots on the Calendar and 1 re-pick spot.

If a 12 Days of Christmas Winner picks a number on the Calendar that has a prize they will have the choice to take that prize or pick one more number. If this number is another prize you will receive that one instead but if it’s a better luck try again spot you will receive nothing.

LAST YEAR we didn’t announce any of the prizes but this year we are going to post just a few so you know we aren’t messing around.

I know it’s a rough time of year for extra spending money so hopefully this gives some people a little pay back during the holiday season!

Hope everybody has a great Holiday season and best of luck snagging one of our 12 prizes!