Before running group breaks we also participated in them quite frequently. If there’s one thing that is very important to us it’s the privacy of your personal information. We do not store any credit card information or payment details on our website. The two pieces of information that CardBreakNL keeps on record is breakers email addresses and shipping addresses. Emails are used solely for the purpose of informing breakers of upcoming events and are under no circumstances shared with anyone else. Shipping addresses are also kept private and used only for getting the packages to our customers as quick as possible.


Shipping is free anywhere in Canada and ALL cards ship except for base cards. (We donate the base cards to a couple charities who re package them and use the proceeds for kids programs)

All cards are shipped out on Monday and Friday mornings. Our free shipping option usually takes between 3 and 7 business days for all customers to receive their cards from a break. This is only an estimate as we ship the cards as quick possible but after that it’s all on Canada Post.

We give everybody the opportunity to add tracking to their packages. Anything valued at over $200 is recommend to be tracked. IF a non-tracked packed does not show, we are not liable for the losses.

We take great pride in getting all of our customers their cards, but you can’t always control the mail. Sometimes stuff happens that is out of our control and for this reason we suggest tracking on anything of significant value.

If anybody needs to put insurance on their package, get a tracking number or request a faster shipping option. You can email us at and we can let you know the extra cost.


– All prices on our website are in CAD.

– All times posted or discussed are Newfoundland Time

– We may not be live 24/7 but we are always available to answer questions