When purchasing a spot in one of our group breaks you are not purchasing an unopened box or case of cards. You will receive all hits from the case or boxes that match the team you bought or received via random draw.                 

We have several different formats for our group breaks, but our three main formats are Random, Pick Your Team and Live Team Draft.

In the Random format, teams are determined by a random draw. We randomize the list of teams and the list of owners names live on our stream. We then give two minutes to discuss any trades before we start the group break. We open the case or boxes live on our stream for everybody to see and if any of the cards match the team that you received, you will receive those cards once the break is over.

The Live Team Draft is exactly the same except for the method of determining teams. In this format all 30 owners names are randomized, whoever gets randomized in the #1 spot gets first pick in the draft and all the way down to 30th spot having the last pick. 

Pick Your Team is where you get the chance to purchase which team you want to have for the break. Each team is priced according to rookie class, value and total hits in product. You will receive any cards opened that match the team or teams you purchased for that particular break.

That’s a question that we get a lot and unfortunately from time to time it does happen. Sometimes you hit BIG and other times you may go hitless, it’s all apart of the game. 

BUT we do all we can plus more to give back to the members that join our breaks such as;

– Break Credit Giveaways
– Overtime Wheel Spins (Prize Wheel)
– Random Packs of Cards With Your Mail Days
– Our New CardBreakNL Loyalty Rewards Program
Race For The Cup and Guess The Ink (Promotions You’ll Only Find at CardBreakNL)

You can purchase and book spots by using our online store to check out with Email Money Transfer, Paypal or Credit Card.

Paypal and Credit Card are processed automatically through our Online Store.

For Email Money Transfer payment you will book your team/spot using the “Bank Deposit” option. Once your spot is booked you then have to send your EMT to

Group Breaks are listed on our website with a time and date.

Breaks are moved over from our website to our Facebook group a couple hours before the break is set to start. This helps get more eyes on the break and let’s it fill a bit quicker.

If a breaks time or date changes, anyone who has a spot purchased will be notified about the change.

We ship out ALL mail on Monday and Friday mornings. Shipping is free anywhere in Canada. All hits are shipped in protective holders and bubble mailers. Canada post usually takes between 3 and 7 business days to get you your cards. If you want faster shipping, package insurance or a tracking number; you can contact us and we will let you know the extra cost.

For the most part here’s the breakdown on tracking;

  • $12 Registered Mail (Tracking Number Provided)
  • $20 Expresspost Shipping (Tracking, Shorter Wait Time + Insurance)

Rules of Group Breaks:

If we pull a card with multiple players on it, the card will go to anyone who owns 51% or more of the card. For example if we pull a card with a player from Edmonton, Pittsburgh and New York.; if one person owns 2 out of the 3 teams on the card it is theirs. If 3 different owners own each team, the card will be randomized among the 3 owners.

If a card is pulled of a player wearing a defunct teams jersey, that card will go to the team that they are today.

Logos on the back of the cards will claim it for that team but IF no logo please follow the below rules;

If a Retired Players card is pulled wearing an All Star jersey or an Olympic jersey that card will go to the team they played the most amount of games with.

If an Active Players card is pulled wearing an All Star jersey or an Olympic jersey that card will go to the team they currently play with.