Money in the bank - CardBreaknl Edition

Money in the Bank – CardBreakNL Edition

Here’s all you need to know about our brand new promotion;

    • We’ll be having at least two or three Money in the Bank breaks per week until a winner is crowned.
    • When a Money in the Bank break is posted, the prize being added to the briefcase will be announced then as well.
  • Prizes will range from break credit, to boxes of cards, to autographed jerseys and lots of other crazy additions.
  • One person from every Money in the Bank break that we do will get a chance to Crack the Code on the MITB briefcase.
  • There’s 5 rows containing 10 letters each and the first person who gets a chance to crack the code will select one of the 10 letters from row #1 (farthest to the left)
  • If the winner gets the first letter correct they will move on to the 2nd row and so on until they give a wrong answer.
  • When the code cracker gives an incorrect pick that prize that was announced pre-break goes into the MITB briefcase for the next breaks winner to give it a shot. (Progressive Jackpot)
  • Once the first rows letter is guessed correctly (could be break #1 or break #10) that row is complete and all winners from that point on will start cracking the code on row 2.
  • For every Money in the Bank break that we do without a successful briefcase opening, a prize will be added in with ONE lucky winner taking it ALL home at the end of the promotion!
Good luck folks, this should be an absolute blast! 🔥✌️