New Website Info + More Updates to Come

What’s up CardBreakNL members!!

Can’t tell you how excited I am to have this site up and running.  We’ve improved on everything and added a few extras.

There’s a bunch of things that still need to be updated, added and fixed but for the most part what you get is what you see.

Break spots will be able to be purchased and booked online through EMT, Paypal or Credit Card.

For anybody paying through EMT, the correct option when checking out is “Bank Deposit” It will automatically book your spot when completing order but you’ll still have to send the EMT to as per usual.

Members Classified section is up and running. You can post cards for sale or for trade on that page and it’s MEMBERS only.

CardBreakNL takes NO RESPONSIBILITY for this Classfied page.

We plan to keep a rating system to let other members give you thumbs up or thumbs down on trades and transactions. But ALL deals that are made using this Classified page will land solely on the two parties in the transaction and CardBreakNL will not be held liable for any bad deals that occur but we will do our best to only let TRUE members take part in this website!